Toyota RAV-4

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The father of the crossover car breed, RAV4 has come into its fourth generation since it first set wheel on the ground in 1996. With the latest fourth generation model introduced in 2013, RAV still maintains an appealing price range, but has seen some downgrades from the third generation. Instead of the previously acclaimed option of having a 3.5l V-6 capable of 269 horsepower that made the Toyota RAV4 stand out with its 0 to 60mph of 6.4 seconds, the latest design features a gas-powered 2.5l 4-cylinder engine, cranking 176 HP, working with a six-speed automatic.

Options of the front-wheel or all-wheel drive are still present, but with the downgraded characteristics of the new engine, RAV4 now hits 60mph within 8.2 seconds. The transmission of the six-speed automatic runs smoothly, accompanied by the option of manual shifting which proves useful at times. Overlooking the downgrade in acceleration, what makes this car a very comfortable and practical model, possessing some quality interior features, quiet operation and affordable pricing, or, in other words, a desirable family vehicle.

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