Vauxhall Meriva

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With its first generation released in 2003, Vauxhall Meriva was just over 4 meters long and rivaling a considerably limited number of smaller multi-purpose vehicles. Some innovative features, such as its “Flexspace” back seats, where seats in the rear can slide forward or backwards, were something special that propelled the car into considerable success in sales, exceeding a million units. The current, second-generation, model was introduced in 2008.

Now packing “Flexdoors” (rear doors open towards the rear, independent of the frontal doors), Meriva brings another innovation to the table. Responding to the demand for downsizing, Vauxhall offers three 1.4l petrol variants, as well as two sizes of diesel at 1.3 and 1.7l. While being larger than the predecessor, Meriva provides sufficient drag with most of the engine options. Except the fairly innovative door design, not much else is conceptually modern. Still, it’s a model aiming primarily for practicality and, combining with refined looks, delivers in this regard. However, it does so at a price you might find unjustified, but possibly less so than some of the competition.

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