Vespa LX 50

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Being custom-engineered with traditional Vespa charm and style to perform, LX 50 was launched in North America back in 2006 for the 60th Vespa anniversary. Based on classic Vespa designs, not much was changed concerning the looks of the scooter, but heavy updating was done, with the most significant addition being the addition of a 4-stroke engine in the 50cc model. The Vespa LX 50 4 V in particular, is powered by a 48.4 cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke and 4-valve engine.

This engine works with an automatic twist-and-go CVT transmission. With 60 years of history behind it, the LX 50 4 V is currently considered today as the product of a long evolution of style and performance, while keeping the primal and iconic values of Vespa. As fuel efficient as scooters are by rule, the LX 50 4 V boast a mileage per gallon of 85-90mpg, with a tank of 2.3 gallons. This contemporary, yet iconic, transport vehicle will cost you $3,500.

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