Volkswagen Beetle

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Presenting the latest Beetle, Volkswagen introduced more power, but made some questionable design changes, by some opinions hindering the classic look. Among other changes, the top of the car has now been chopped and rake added to the windshield. As for propulsion and mechanics, the new Beetle model offers three means of transmission: manuals with 5 or 6 speeds, and the Volkswagen’s dual-clutch automatic system with 6 speeds.

Three engine options exists: a 210 horsepower, 2.0l turbocharged four, a 2.0l turbo-diesel delivering 150hp, and lastly, a 170hp, 1.8l turbocharged four. With exceptional diesel propulsion, the new Volkswagen Beetle’s fuel efficiency is standing at 23-31mpg in the city, and 29-41 mpg on the highway. Even though the design has moved away from the old-school model a great deal, it is a sleek and appealing look nonetheless. With unique styling and new additions of power, the 2015 Beetle is a high performing, well-mannered vehicle.

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