Yamaha Majesty

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2014 Yamaha Majesty is an efficient and versatile Yamaha scooter. Geared up with a liquid-cooling, four-stroke single DOHC, 395cc engine, this scooter has an electrical starter, and it moves power to the rear wheel by a fully automatic transmission system. Feeding the engine is a 3.7-gallon fuel tank that, with an efficiency of 50mpg, allows for some good range. The engine has sufficient drag to keep up with highway speeds, as well as get you squeezed through that city traffic.

The excellent performance of this engine carries this scooter to the boundaries of motorcycles while being incredibly simple to drive thanks to the fully automatic transmission and its electrical starter button. The platform sits on an aluminum, die-cast alloy mainframe, with a steel tube subframe, which are light and solid, adding to good performance and better handling. At a price of less than $7000, incredible fuel efficiency, and great performance, this Yamaha Majesty scooter is an outstanding solution for navigating city traffic and even going on a trip outside of town.

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